• Kosovo’s Growing Pains

    A few weeks ago, in a burger bar in Kosovo’s capital Pristina, a local man heard me say I was from Scotland and struck up a conversation. He had lived in the Sighthill area of Glasgow for some years, came home after the Kosovo war ended in 1999 and now worked in insurance. But Kosovo’s […]

    4 min read
  • Soccer And The Media: Did Louis Van Gaal Offer To Van Go?

    LONDON, Feb 2016 – Did Louis van Gaal offer to quit as Manchester United manager? If so, when? After a defeat to Southampton, as the Guardian reported last week? Categorically not, according to the BBC and the Telegraph. How about twice over Christmas, as the Times recently reported? Maybe, but the Daily Mail says he’s […]

    7 min read
  • The Criminal Consequences of Kosovo’s Post-War Disorder

    An EU prosecutor’s accusations of ethnic cleansing by Kosovo Liberation Army commanders reveal uncomfortable truths for the West. An image has stayed with me from a hot summer day in Kosovo in 1999. The burned-out ruins of a house are smouldering beneath a blue sky. A British soldier is trying to douse them with a […]

    5 min read
  • Military reporting needs new fronts

    Too often journalists allow the military establishment to dictate public debate, doing everyone a disservice — including the armed forces. The headlines were full of the sort of dramatic language that might describe defeat in a major field battle. The country had taken a “military gamble” and was reported to be “at risk”; troops had been “wiped […]

    13 min read
  • The Quiet Death of the late-night DJ

    The nocturnal radio host is a familiar figure from movies and TV dramas — but the BBC has decided it can’t afford a real one. To explain his love of radio, John Peel, the late and much lauded BBC Radio 1 DJ, often recalled a night in the 1960s when he lived in the United States: I was driving […]

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