• Eerie echoes of the Balkans in post-Saddam Iraq BAGHDAD, April 2003 (Reuters) – For anyone who thinks the current lawlessness in Iraq is a bit of exuberance with little long-term importance, veterans of Balkan stabilisation missions have some advice: Think again. If you don’t get law and order right at the start – even, some say, at the cost of a delay in […] 4 min read
  • War more grim than glamorous for U.S. unit in Iraq KIFL, Iraq, April 2003 – In the first days of the Iraq war, soldiers in the U.S. army’s most decorated tank battalion were somewhat frustrated at not being in the fight. Some worried the only stories they would have to tell would be of guarding roads, bridges or camps. Now they have real stories to […] 4 min read
  • The Criminal Consequences of Kosovo’s Post-War Disorder An EU prosecutor’s accusations of ethnic cleansing by Kosovo Liberation Army commanders reveal uncomfortable truths for the West. An image has stayed with me from a hot summer day in Kosovo in 1999. The burned-out ruins of a house are smouldering beneath a blue sky. A British soldier is trying to douse them with a […] 5 min read
  • Military reporting needs new fronts Too often journalists allow the military establishment to dictate public debate, doing everyone a disservice — including the armed forces. The headlines were full of the sort of dramatic language that might describe defeat in a major field battle. The country had taken a “military gamble” and was reported to be “at risk”; troops had been “wiped […] 13 min read